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General Over View

Bidders shall ensure that the RFP Documents it has received are complete.

Bidders shall treat the RFP Documents as private and confidential. If Bidders do not intend to bid, it shall destroy the RFP Documents. Bidders shall not, without prior written approval of Continental Resources, use the confidential information hereunder for any purpose other than its participation in this proposal.

Any further information required during the bidding period to aid Bidders in the preparation of proposals shall be requested in writing, addressed to the individual named in Item 5.0 referencing {RFP ID::30}
Bidders are advised that pertinent additional information given to any Bidder will be forwarded to all Bidders.

Bidders shall not canvass any Member, Officer or employee of Continental Resources in an attempt to secure information in connection with RFP-SVCSRIG-0001. Proposals submitted by Bidder(s) who resort to canvassing, either directly or indirectly, will be subject to rejection.

Continental Resources shall be under no obligation to accept the lowest or any proposal submitted hereunder, and Continental Resources shall not be held liable for any expenses incurred in the preparation or submittal of Proposals.

By written notice to Bidders, Continental Resources may modify the RFP Documents in any respect by way of clarification, addition, deletion, or otherwise prior to the Closing Date and reserves the right to have subsequent commercial and/or technical discussions with individual Bidders as deemed necessary.

Any Bidder who is notified by Continental Resources that its proposal is rejected shall destroy the RFP Documents.

The Form of Proposal (Section 6) shall be signed by those persons duly authorized to sign for Bidder. The names and titles of those signing shall be typed beneath their usual signatures.

Bidders shall complete the RFP Documents by filling in all blank spaces and supplying all information requested. The proposal shall be in the following format and sequence:

1 Cover Letter, highlights and summary.
2 Commercial Proposal (per Section 3 of the RFP Documents).
3 Any exceptions to RFP Documents (per Section 5 of the RFP Documents). Supplemental
4 Completed Form of Proposal (per Section 6 of the RFP Documents).
5 Contractor’s current Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Policy, and Procedures.

It should be noted that the RFP Documents, together with information contained in the completed Form of Proposal, shall form the basis of any pricing agreement that may ensue.

Proposals which are incomplete or which contain deletions or alterations may be rejected.

Bidders shall ensure that their proposals are complete in all respects such that Continental Resources may perform a complete and meaningful evaluation and, following receipt of the Proposals, Continental Resources reserves the right to arrive at a short list of prospective vendors without any further reference to or communication with any of the Bidders.

Bidders shall take no advantage of any apparent errors or omissions. In the event that Bidders discover any such errors or omissions, Bidders shall immediately notify Continental Resources in accordance with Item 7.0 above and specifically set forth any such errors or omissions in its Proposal in accordance with Item 17.0 hereunder.

Bidders shall clearly state in the Exceptions to RFP Documents (Section 6 of the RFP Documents) any and all exceptions/qualifications to the RFP Documents, with the precise alternative wording suggested by the Bidder, together with the commercial benefit or cost should any exception/qualification be accepted. Only those exceptions/qualifications so stated will be considered.

The registered name and address of the company submitting the Proposal shall be clearly indicated. Bidder shall state whether it is a subsidiary company and if so, state the name of the parent company (ies) and the degree of ownership. Should Continental Resources require it, the successful Bidder shall provide Continental Resources with a guarantee, in a form satisfactory to Continental Resources, in respect of the performance of the Contract from its ultimate parent company(ies) and/or an independent financial institution if deemed appropriate by Continental Resources.

Section 2: Scope of work

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Equipment Needs

Oil desalting plants

Labor Needs

Construction Laborer

Alternative Proposal

Other General Requirements


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